The only way to apply for a job at Klabin is through our partner, VAGAS.COM, or through our official profile on LinkedIn. Only resumes registered in these channels will be considered in selection processes.

Why not HR?

The person has great importance for Klabin. Therefore, we select and keep the best professionals, those who are aligned with our values and are committed to build a better company everyday.

Better to everybody: customers, suppliers, employees, community residents, friends, family, neighbors or any of the millions of people that use Klabin’s products daily, even without being aware of it.

For Klabin, people are more that resources inside the company, reason why it does not use the term “Human Resources” anymore. Instead, it has adopted People and Management. More modern and genuine, this term highlights the respect and importance the company dedicates to the human capital, fundamental piece that its business progressing. Because, with their individuality, people bring competences and potentials that contribute to building a culture of engagement, development and results among employees.


Watch the video and see why our employees are proud to be Klabin.

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