11 de febrero de 2019

Klabin’s sustainability governance practices recognized internationally

During 2018, the company was highlighted in several rankings recognizing sustainable initiatives

São Paulo, February 11, 2019 – Klabin, Brazil’s leading producer and exporter of packaging paper, is commemorating important achievements that reinforce its actions targeting sustainable development. By creating solid action plans, the company has made significant progress, with its efforts focusing on projects and initiatives that create value for the entire chain and uphold its commitment to stakeholders.

For the first time, the company made it onto the A Lists of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for Water Management, Climate Change and Supply Chain programs. With this recognition, Klabin figures among companies highlighted by the institution as leaders in the transition to the new sustainable economy. A company’s progress is categorized as follows: information disclosure (D- and D), awareness (C- and C), management (B- and B) and leadership (A- and A). CDP is an international non-profit organization that analyzes and recognizes the efforts of companies around the world to manage the environmental impacts of their operations. In 2018, the evaluation methodology involved 650 investors holding more than US$87 trillion in assets.

Meanwhile, for the sixth straight year, Klabin was included in the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) published by the São Paulo Stock Exchange (B3). The ISE’s goal is to create an investment environment compatible with the demands of sustainable development and to encourage ethical responsibility through the good business practices of eligible companies. The indicators for the company’s performance that led to its inclusion in the ISE’s 2019 portfolio include Engagement with Stakeholders, Environmental Commitments, Consumption of Natural Resources, Customer Relations, Resolution of Customer Demands and Commitment to the Community. The criteria are defined by the School of Economics and Business Administration (EAESP-FGV) of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), and Klabin will be a component of the portfolio until January 2020.

In a ranking published in July, Klabin figured for the second time in an excellent position in Spott Timber & Pulp, which evaluates the publicly available information on policies, operations and commitments of 50 wood and pulp producers worldwide against best environmental, social and governance practices. Klabin placed third in the global list for the industry, attesting to the solidity and transparency of its sustainability practices.

Also in 2018, Vigeo Eires, a global provider of surveys and services in the environmental, social and governance areas that evaluates the performance of companies in developing markets based on numerous criteria, divided into six areas (Environment, Human Rights, Human Resources, Engagement with Community, Business Behavior and Corporate Governance), recognized Klabin as a highlight for its initiatives in these areas.

“The accolades garnered by Klabin during 2018 effectively validate its efforts in sustainability governance, which is a key pillar of the company’s management that prioritizes the topic in strategic decision-making,” said Sérgio Piza, Klabin’s People, Corporate Affairs and Corporate Services Officer.

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