8 de October de 2019

Local community celebrates two years of City Park

Klabin and the Municipal Government of Telêmaco Borba gathered the community for a festive Sunday replete with leisure and quality of life

Local community celebrates two years of City Park

Klabin and the Municipal Government of Telêmaco Borba gathered the community for a festive Sunday replete with leisure and quality of life

Paraná, October 8, 2019 – Last Sunday (Oct. 6), Klabin and the Municipal Government of Telêmaco Borba gathered around 1,200 people to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the City Park.

An event conceived for the community, with a busy agenda for people of all ages and diverse profiles, reinforcing the importance of public spaces in promoting community interaction, practice of physical activity and for leisure in general. Visitors to the park tried out stretching, crossfit and yoga classes, and also strolled with their pets.

It was the park’s anniversary, but it was the community that received the gifts! A wooden playground for kids was presented by Klabin to improve the environment and provide kids with even more fun opportunities.

“The City Park is gradually receiving new elements, strengthening and achieving its objective of becoming a reference for leisure in the city. We are excited to see that the space has come alive and that people use it frequently and take care of it, understanding the importance of a space such as this in bringing together the entire community,” said Uilson Paiva, Social Responsibility and Community Relations manager at Klabin.

Fernanda Aline Honorário, telephone operator and frequent visitor to the park, believes a park such as this can only be good for the city. “The party is so cool! Today, I’m here also to watch my son’s capoeira presentation, but I always come to the park to walk, while my son plays around and my husband plays soccer. It’s important to have a place where the community can come together.”

To celebrate Arbor Day, 200 seedlings of native species such as ipê, pinheiro do paraná, jacarandá and araçá were planted and will make up the Park Woods, inaugurated in 2018. The agenda also included a capoeira presentation, kids zone, massage, soccer tournament and shows by local bands. Also, local businesses participated at the event with their food tents and trucks at the food square.

“The Park belongs to the city and there’s no doubt this event was the work of many hands – the local people, important partnerships with the municipal government so that this day becomes important in our city’s festival calendar and that each year it may attract more people and more initiatives to benefit the community,” said Márcio Matos, Mayor of Telêmaco Borba.

To see the anniversary photos, visit the event profile “Aniversário Parque da Cidade” on Klabin’s Facebook page.

City Park (Parque da Cidade)

The City Park emerged from Klabin’s Social and Environmental Action Plan, which was drawn up in conjunction with the local community during the implementation of Puma Project I, the company’s new mill located in Ortigueira. The park spans an area equivalent to 35 soccer fields and houses a sports and leisure complex, a lake, an observatory, bike lane, soccer courts, outdoor gym, children’s park and an open space for concerts and cultural presentations.

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