27 de November de 2017

Klabin receives “Leadership” rating in forests from CDP

CDP report highlights the company’s forestry best practices

São Paulo, November 27, 2017 – Klabin was recognized by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in the “Leadership” category in its annual “Forest” results, achieving the “A-” rating, which ratifies the company’s best practices in sustainable development and responsible forest management. CDP analyses and recognizes the efforts made by companies around the world to manage the environmental impacts of their operations, and attributed the “excellence” level to Klabin’s results, highlighting management actions to combat deforestation and to certify its forests and its supplier chain.

In the category “Water,” Klabin remained in the “Management” level with a “B-” rating, which recognizes the company’s efforts to measure its impacts and try to reduce them by establishing targets and implementing policies and strategic structures to adopt satisfactory measures. Under “Climate Change,” the company also qualified as “Management” in recognition of its good practices to manage risks related to climate change in its own and third-party operations.

Since 2006, Klabin has been participating in the global initiative of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which fosters dialogue between investors and companies that seek to minimize the environmental impacts of their business in light of climate change. In this period, in 2016 the company obtained its “Leadership” level rating in the annual results for Climate Change and Forests. In 2015, it was recognized for the Best Practice in Natural Capital Management and in the year prior to that, was selected as one of the companies that most encouraged good stewardship practices, which encompass controlling its impacts and actions through supplier engagement and the certification and traceability of its wood in order to ensure a value chain free of deforestation.

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