11 de June de 2018

Klabin publishes Public Summary 2018 of Forestry Management Plan for Santa Catarina (1)

With over one thousand species preserved, Klabin’s forest stewardship model confirms the importance of the mosaic system for protecting local fauna and flora

Santa Catarina, June 11, 2018 – Klabin published on its website the Public Summary 2018 of its Forestry Stewardship Plan for Santa Catarina 2018, which has over 135,000 hectares of certified planted forests and protected native forests. The document’s purpose is to promote good practices for conserving the company’s forest areas in the region and to report on social and environmental indicators and on the results of efforts to protect and monitor the state’s fauna and flora.

The Summary highlights the importance of adequate forest management for preserving the region’s biome. Klabin is a pioneer in adopting mosaic-based stewardship, which consists of pine and eucalyptus planted forests interspersed with preserved native forests, forming ecological corridors that allow native wildlife to roam their natural habitat while contributing directly to protecting the soil and biodiversity.

The material presents information on the surveys conducted to ensure the maintenance and improvement of forest productivity, the monitoring of drainage basins, fauna and flora, silviculture forestry operations, harvest operations, road construction and maintenance, social and environmental programs and interaction with communities that directly and indirectly influence the operations, as well as the company’s communication channels. In addition to providing geo-climatic data for the region, the biological elements in the local environment are another highlight of the publication that presents the preservation of 914 native species of flora and 390 of fauna. Of these, 128 species of flora and 346 of fauna are listed as endangered, with recognized conservation status.

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