18 de May de 2018

Klabin participates in VTEX Day

It supplied corrugated board furniture, which complemented the ambience of the event, as well as trash cans and paper cups

São Paulo, May 18, 2018 – Using creativity and sustainability, Klabin participated in VTEX Day, the biggeste-commerce and multi-channel retail event in Latin America, held in São Paulo this week. The company supplied a part of the event furniture, consisting of pieces made from corrugated board, which attracted the public’s attention and were one of the attractions. Some spaces, such as the lounge, were furnished with couches, two- and three-seat armchairs and large coffee tables. In the working areas, tables and two types of chairs, also made of corrugated board, were placed.

Klabin also supplied trash cans made of corrugated board and six thousand paper cups, which were distributed in all water and food consumption points. Through the initiative, the Company sought to demonstrate the diverse possibilities for adopting efficient, creative and, at the same time, environmentally responsible solutions, which help to reduce the use of materials made from nonrenewable resources that affect the environment.

All paper items provided by Klabin were produced from renewable natural resources, with raw material coming from planted and certified forests. This format of partnership and contribution from Klabin is driven by its vision of sustainability, which is guided by sustainable development, among other factors. In this context, paper is the key player, given its high rate of recyclability.

VTEX Day 2018 was organized by VTEX, a Brazilian company that is the world leader in digital commerce. Held on May 14 and 15, the event gathered more than 14,000 visitors and 150 speakers.

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