7 de April de 2016

Klabin meeting with mayors highlights sustainable regional development

The event gathered mayors, city councilmembers and regional leaders

Telêmaco Borba, April 7, 2016 – On Thursday (7), Klabin organized the meeting entitled “Prospects for Sustainable Regional Development” at the HarmoniaClubin Telêmaco Borba, Paraná.The event was attended by mayors and city council presidents from 13 cities, as well as regional leaders and the company’s executives.

The purpose of the event was to present to the cities’ representatives the work being conducted by the consulting firm Interação Urbana, which was engaged by Klabin to formulate the guidelines for regional development, and to highlight the new opportunities created by the Puma Unit, the company’s newly inaugurated pulp plant in Ortigueira.A presentation was also made to introduce the Solid Waste Project sponsored by Klabin in partnership with the seven member cities of the Caminhos do Tibagi Consortium.

Klabin’s Projects and Industrial Technology Director, Francisco Razzolini, gave a presentation on the company’s current situation, the Puma Unit and the region’s future prospects.The event was also attended by Sadi Carlos de Oliveira, Industrial Pulp Director, and José Totti, Forest Director.Architect and urbanist João Paulo Ribeiro Santana, head of the organization Paraná Cidade for the Ponta Grossa region, addressed the urbanistic challenges involved in creating sustainable cities in the Campos Gerais region.

Regional Development – Targeting the 12 cities that will share the incremental ICMS tax generated by Klabin’s new plant and another two due to geographic reasons (see below), the paper Regional Development Guidelines conducted a comprehensive mapping of the region from a strategic viewpoint based on a technical diagnosis.The study identified the needs and opportunities of the cities in various areas, such as education, health, safety, infrastructure and management.“The Puma Unit creates opportunities for cities in its area of influence so that they see themselves as a single region and structure integrated projects and actions that resolve their challenges,” said Uilson Paiva, Community Relations Manager at Klabin.

Meanwhile, the Solid Waste Project mapped in seven cities (see below) all aspects involving waste collection in order to adapt them to the National Solid Waste Policy (Federal Law 12,305/2010).The analysis resulted in the creation of an Integrated Urban Waste Management Plan that identified the needs of each city.Klabin will participate in the implementation and improvements by acquiring equipment (conveyor belts, pallet jack scale, bale elevator, waste trolleys), renovating and adapting facilities, environmental education, landfill projects and other investments.

During the event, Klabin introduced the three trucks that will be donated to the cities of Ortigueira, Imbaú and Tamarana to be used in waste recycling.“Proper waste disposal is a national problem that is very present in the region, which is why it is being addressed by the consortium of municipalities through a sustainable system, from recycling at households and public waste collection system to adequate waste treatment,” said Klabin’s Environment Manager, Julio Nogueira.The Solid Waste Project is part of the Socio-Environmental Action Plan of the Puma Unit, which includes all of Klabin’s social investments that draw on financing from the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES).

12 cities contemplated by the Regional Development Guidelines Project:

Cândido de Abreu
Rio Branco do Ivaí
Rosário do Ivaí
São Jerônimo da Serra
Telêmaco Borba

Seven cities contemplated by the Solid Waste Project:

Telêmaco Borba

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