8 de December de 2014

Klabin is recognized as a global paragon in the adoption of best forestry practices

Appraisal was made by the CDP Global Forests Report 2014, which lists the 11 companies that have evolved the most in environmental sustainability in 2013

São Paulo, 8th of December 2014 – Klabin, Brazil’s biggest paper manufacturer and exporter, was elected the company that has most fostered good practices of forest stewardship, dealing with the control of impacts and the implementation of actions by engaging its suppliers in its supply chain, certification and traceability of its wood as a way to ensure a value chain without deforestation. This recognition was given in a report published by the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), a not-for-profit international organization, which cultivates sustainable economies. The survey was carried out with 152 companies worldwide, from a variety of sectors, and chose the 11 companies that have evolved the most in 2013.

Among the most notable in “implementation”, the report spotlights Klabin’s support in an initiative to certify small farmers in Parana. This group earned one of the most renowned forest certifications in the world, that of the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®). This trademark is given in recognition for responsible forest management and allows certified foster-farmers to sell timber at a higher added value, thus bringing benefits to the entire production chain.

“This recognition is very important for Klabin, since it confirms that all the company’s endeavors have contributed to developing a market of improved added value throughout its entire chain”, states Ivone Namikawa, coordinator of Forest Sustainability at Klabin.

Initiatives such as these underscore Klabin’s commitment to sustainable development in all of its activities, in a continuous quest to create value from an equilibrium between the economic, social and environmental spheres.

About Klabin

Klabin, Brazil’s biggest paper manufacturer and exporter, produces corrugated packaging, industrial sacks and timber in logs. Founded in 1899, it currently own 14 industrial plants in Brazil and one in Argentina. It is organized in three business units: Forestry, Paper (cartonboard, kraft and recycled paper) and Converting (corrugated boxes and industrial sacks).

The company has embraced a management style focused on Sustainable Development, in its quest for integrated and responsible growth, combining profitability, social development and environmental commitment. For the first time, in 2014, Klabin has become a member of BM&FBovespa’s ISE (Corporate Sustainability Index). It is also a signatory of the UN Global Compact and of the National Pact to Eradicate Slave Labor and seeks suppliers and business partners who observe the same values of ethics, transparency and respect for the principles of sustainability.

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