27 de September de 2017

Klabin inaugurates Parque da Cidade in Telêmaco Borba

Project is part of the Company's Social and Environmental Action Plan to contribute to the development of the Campos Gerais region

Telêmaco Borba, September 27, 2017 – This weekend, Klabin inaugurates the newest park in Telêmaco Borba, Paraná, in partnership with the Municipal Government. Named Parque da Cidade, the sports and leisure complex is spread on an area equivalent to 35 soccer fields and houses a lake, lookout point, hiking trail, cycle track, soccer field, outdoor gym, playground for kids and an open space for shows and cultural presentations. The project was designed by Paulo Brazil, the architect who also designed the Klabin Technology Center in Harmonia.

“This is a project dreamed by the city and chosen by the community. Parque da Cidade is one more investment of the Puma Project and underlines our commitment to the economic and social development of the communities where we operate,” says Francisco Razzolini, executive officer of Technology and the Pulp Unit at Klabin.

To mark the delivery of the park to the community, Klabin planned a busy agenda for the weekend. The official inauguration ceremony will be held today (Sep. 30) at 10 a.m., in which authorities and company representatives will take part. In addition, diverse sports activities are scheduled for the two days, such as zumba, yoga and crossfit classes, soccer tournament, as well as running, walking and cycling events. Local music artists will perform in the outdoor amphitheater and there will also be food trucks and a food court. In the space for kids, the Municipal Government will hold another edition of the Brincar Project, which takes recreation and joy to communities in the neighborhoods of Telêmaco Borba.

After inauguration, the plan is for the Park to be administered by a management council consisting of representatives from the municipal government and the community. “We are suggesting a management model inspired by the leading parks in the country. The council can, for instance, propose an annual calendar of cultural and sports activities and thus encourage the use of this space by the population, which helps in its conservation,” explains Uilson Paiva, Community Relations manager of Klabin.

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