25 de May de 2017

Klabin holds first meeting with 12 cities in the Campos Gerais region that will share ICMS revenue

The first transfer of tax revenues will occur in January 2018, considering the ICMS amounts calculated in 2016

Paraná, May 25, 2017 – On Thursday morning (May 25), Klabin, representatives from the Paraná State Finance Department, as well as mayors and secretaries of the 12 cities in the Campos Gerais region gathered at the auditorium of the Puma Unit in Ortigueira for the first meeting of the Managing Group of the ICMS sharing agreement.

According to the agreement, signed in 2012 between Klabin and the 12 cities in the region, 50% of added value for ICMS return to be generated by the Puma Unit would be retained in the city housing the new plant (which was not defined at the time), and the remaining 50% would be shared among other cities in the region, which also form the Company’s forestry base:Cândido de Abreu, Congonhinhas, Curiúva, Imbaú, Reserva, Rio Branco do Ivaí, São Jerônimo da Serra, Sapopema, Telêmaco Borba, Tibagi and Ventania.

The division meets the criteria that take into account the volume of wood sent by each city to Klabin’s plants in Paraná (Telêmaco Borba and Ortigueira), the population and the improvement of the city in the Municipal Development Index (IPDM) of the Economic and Social Development Institute of the State of Paraná (Ipardes).

The first transfer of tax revenues will occur in January 2018, considering the ICMS amounts calculated in 2016. The next meeting of the Managing Group will be held in September 2017.

“The meeting was important to share the information with mayors and to define the next steps in this tax sharing arrangement, which puts into practice our desire that Klabin’s new plant contributes not only to the city housing it, but also to the development of other cities in the region,” highlights José Totti, Forestry Officer of Klabin.

In today’s meeting, the mayors and secretaries visited the infrastructure at the Puma Unit and learned about the pulp production process at the main control room and the wood transportation operation at the Logistics Center of the Forestry Unit. Finally, all participants had lunch at the plant cafeteria.

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