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Distinguishing aspects


Klabin offers a series of benefits that are communicated during the job interviews.

Promising career

The market where Klabin operates is growing. It means that people who work in this area will have opportunities in the future.


Klabin has been on the Brazilian market for over 100 years. It is leader in the sector and has numerous certifications and market recognitions as well. Even people who have not heard about Klabin, certainly have had contact with its products that package important Brazilian brand items.

Courses and trainings

Klabin provides courses for different functions and career stages. Klabin’s professionals are prepared to become the best. This makes a big difference. The company contributes to the development of the employees and the employee participates in the company development.

Klabin Business School

A tool to support professional development and leadership education in Klabin.

Management of Internal Environment

The same way Klabin takes care of its forests, it also preserves the workplace environment. The company is committed to the safety of its processes and management of its internal atmosphere, so that its professionals feel safe and motivated at work day by day.

High performance

The leaders pay constant attention to how professionals perform so that the company can have a reciprocity relationship with each person. Klabin promotes employees’ performance evaluations and encourages the definition of indicators and targets that make up the variable remuneration for eligible positions.

MEPVT 2014
Top Employer

Employee of Angatuba Unit.