For 120 years, Klabin has been part of the daily lives of millions of people by creating customized
sustainable solutions for various industrial sectors.

We are Brazil's largest paper manufacturer and exporter and the country’s leading producer of papers and paperboard
for packaging, industrial bags and corrugated board packaging. Moreover, we are the only
Brazilian company to simultaneously supply hardwood pulp (eucalyptus),
softwood pulp (pine) and fluff pulp to the market.

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18 industrial units
in Brazil and one in Argentina
Over 19,000 direct
and indirect employees
4 business units
Forestry, Pulp, Paper and Packaging
1st pulp and paper producer
in the Southern Hemisphere to be certified by the FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council®
World heritage

Over 216,000 hectares of preserved native forests, almost three times the size of the Vatican.

90 trees planted per minute.

239,000 hectares of forests planted with pine and eucalyptus trees, equivalent to 239,000 soccer fields.

Pioneer in the adoption of forest stewardship using mosaic planting concepts.

Klabin Memory

The Klabin Memory Center holds the company’s document
collection amassed since its founding in 1899. See these materials
by exploring the company’s chronology and the history
of all its units.


Over its long history, Klabin has earned the recognition
of the national and international markets from the media,
partners and organizations, which highlight the company’s
wide range of initiatives, products and processes.

Our Integrity

Klabin’s Integrity Program comprises a series of procedures to prevent, detect and remediate conduct that
could expose Klabin to undesirable situations, while also implementing best global practices
related to the matter. In this way, Klabin demonstrates its commitment to
building ethical relationships, contributing to a more transparent business environment,
strengthening its image, reputation and business strategy and helping to build a more just and sustainable society. The program, which is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), targets anyone who works or interacts with Klabin in the public
or private sectors.

To provide guidance on best practices and to prevent, detect and address instances of inadequate conduct,
Klabin’s Integrity Program is supported by tools such as the Code of Conduct, Anti-Corruption Manual,
Competition Policy and the Ombudsman.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is a manual that guides the attitudes and decisions of Klabin’s directors, employees, associated companies and subsidiaries involving the company’s key stakeholders.

Anti-Corruption Manual

The Anti-Corruption Manual details the anti-corruption procedures adopted by Klabin and clearly defines which acts may be associated with corruption or configure offenses against national or foreign governments.

Diversity Policy

Our Diversity Policy shows how Klabin positions itself to give voice to different viewpoints for guiding its dialogue with employees, suppliers and all other stakeholders. This helps it to identify improvements in the organization’s relationships and reputation.


The Ombudsman receives grievances, complaints, reports of wrongdoings and compliments
made by anyone who interacts with the company. The company ensures anonymity and confidentiality
of information and prohibits any kind of retaliation against whistleblowers.

The Channel is managed by an independent company and you will be redirected to a secure environment. To file your report, click here

Engaging leaders is essential for strengthening the culture of integrity at Klabin, since they
disseminate values and behaviors and inspire their teams. See what a few of the
company’s key leaders have to say about the Integrity Program.
The company’s reputation and sustainability depend on adopting and sharing just behaviors.
Strengthening best practices through the Integrity Program, anticipating risks and complying with regulations are attitudes that are
non-negotiable and part of Klabin’s strategic agenda.
Cristiano Cardoso Teixeira
The Integrity Program consolidates Klabin’s efforts to promote ethical conduct, which includes
repudiating corruption and anti-competitive practices. They signal to everyone our intention to promote a culture that
fosters a more reputable environment in both business and society.
Fábio Medeiros
Legal & Integrity Officer
We lead by example and by encouraging commitment to the highest ethical principles. It is essential
that we reflect on this. which is why we promote dialogue, inclusive debate and training programs to strengthen
the culture of integrity.
Sérgio Piza
People & Management Officer
Compliance with the law and the highest standards of ethical conduct are part of Klabin’s corporate DNA,
which, as defined by philosopher Mário Sérgio Cortella, consists of the set of rules we
use to live together and well.
José Aparecido Calsavara
Internal Audit and Ombudsman Manager


See our updated quarterly report with
the company’s operating and financial performance.

Geographic Footprint

This map shows the addresses of industrial units and offices as well as the preservation and
reforestation areas maintained by Klabin in Brazil.

Klabin in the World

Klabin can be reached outside of Brazil in the following locations. The company has one industrial unit in
Argentina and commercial offices in the United States and Austria.


Industrial Bags

  • Calle del Canal, 467
    Parque Industrial Pilar - B1629MXA
    Buenos Aires - Argentina
  • Phone: +54 (230) 4496-244



  • Albertgasse 35
    1080 – Vienna
  • Phone: +43 1 7172 8590

United States


  • Klabin Forest Products Company
    80 SW 8th Street – Suite 2900
    Miami – FL 33131
  • Phone: (786 ) 871-1617