Our Essence

Companies are like trees: the success of their existence depends on a series of factors that go from the characteristics of where they are born to the continuous care they are given.

It is not different with Klabin. That is why the company is focused on details that can benefit the people around it, its employees, customer businesses, its own business, the environment and everything else.

Because it is a visionary company, Klabin excels in everything it does.

More than just planting the trees used in its production process, it maintains untouched its native forest reserves, which account for over 40% of its forests. More than just supporting social programs, it implements initiatives that foster the development of the various communities surrounding its industrial facilities.

Klabin works in an organized and efficient way, in order to keep its growth in an integrated and sustainable fashion. It is a company with strong roots in our country and is always ready to renew itself. After all, that is how trees and companies never get old.

They just grow stronger.

Present in the day-by-day of millions of people.
Even when they are not aware of it.