Supply Chain

In all stages of Klabin’s production, the Supply Chain Department is responsible for the flow of materials and for controlling inventory levels.

The department plays a highly strategic and vital role in ensuring high levels of efficiency.
To execute its mission, it has five areas:

Responsible for acquiring materials, services, raw materials and investments needed to supply the entire productive chain of the Company. It also maintains records of materials and manages inventories and contracts.

Internal service provider that supports the business areas by either acquiring services or managing operations, from harvesting forests and supplying to mills to delivering our products to clients and managing Klabin’s own fleet. It is also responsible for managing the processes of importing and exporting raw materials, equipment, spare parts and final products.

This department ensures the operational efficiency of businesses through the Sales & Operation Planning process and is dedicated exclusively to production planning.

All of Klabin's business activities are guided by ethics, transparency and respect for the principles of sustainability to ensure a solid financial position, social responsibility and environmental preservation. For this, the company seeks suppliers with high quality standards, on-time delivery and good credit conditions that comply with governing law, regulations and tax code and, most importantly, adopt good practices, such as prohibiting child and forced labor and implementing environmental protection measures.

The General Supply Terms collaborate with transparency in Klabin's business deals by disclosing in advance the requirements applicable to all suppliers. Click here to download them.

Want to be a Klabin supplier? Click here.

The standards of relations and conduct expected in negotiation processes are the same as those established in Klabin's Code of Conduct. Click here to access the code.

The Anti-corruption Manual guides Klabin's efforts to combat corruption. Click here to read it.

Klabin is a signatory to the Brazilian Pact to Eradicate Slave Labor. Click here to learn more.

Click here to download Klabin's Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy for Contracting Suppliers.

Click here to download the Stakeholder Engagement Policy.