Puma Unit

The capacity to renovate itself, combined with the long-term vision regarding its own essence, is a constant that has accompanied Klabin throughout its history. The operational startup of the Puma Unit in Paraná, in March 2016, exemplifies this trait. With the new plant, Klabin will double its production capacity and becomes the only company in Brazil to simultaneously offer hardwood pulp (eucalyptus), softwood pulp (pine) and fluff pulp. The project, with an outlay of around R$8.5 billion, including all facilities, taxes and contractual corrections, is the largest private investment in the history of Paraná.

The new unit has the capacity to produce 1.5 million tons of pulp a year, of which 1.1 million tons will be hardwood pulp and 400,000 tons softwood pulp. A portion of the softwood pulp will be converted into fluff pulp, the only one in the country to be produced from pine planted forests, processed in an industrial unit entirely designed for this purpose.

Energy efficiency

The Puma Unit will generate 270 MW of energy from biomass. Of the total generation, 120 MW will be allocated to the unit and the surplus 150 MW, enough to supply a city of 500,000 inhabitants, will be supplied to Brazil’s electricity grid.

Applied technology

The laboratory at the Puma Unit focuses on the development of pulp (softwood pulp, hardwood pulp and fluff pulp). Its activities are concentrated on improving practices and processes that ensure operational excellence and product quality.