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Use the form below to send requests, praises or information queries to Klabin.
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Companies of all sizes can be Klabin's partners for supplying products and services.
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Klabin recognizes the importance of information for students and hence it maintains updated
content about the company, its products and history in its website, which may be helpful in
academic research. To learn more about Klabin, explore the Sustainability Report,
which features details on the programs and initiatives launched by the company.

For financial information, access the Investors menu.

Klabin receives requests for sponsorships and donations through the PROSAS online platform.
The system connects sponsors, social entrepreneurs and citizens by selecting projects through
call notices that are analyzed by the company’s multidisciplinary team.

The Pension Plan Profissiographic Profile (PPP) is a document containing the work history records
of employees that includes administrative data, environmental records and biological
monitoring results, among other information, for the entire period that the employee worked
at the respective company. If you have questions, call (42) 3271-2443.

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Attach copies of the following documents:
- Page showing the PIS and Social Security and Labor Registry (CTPS) numbers
- Page that contains personal information
- Page containing the company’s registration data
- Page with changes in job title
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