Klabin makes paper and paperboard using its own hardwood and softwood pulp. This enables faster delivery of final products as well as packaging with superior performance, structure, machinability and printability that meets world-class standards of quality and surpasses our clients’ expectations.


Klabin’s paperboard line uses various compositions of virgin pine and eucalyptus fibers for an optimal combination of stiffness, structure, tear resistance and printing quality. Each version of Klabin’s paperboard is meticulously developed to produce the best results in our clients’ specific processes and to ensure the final product stands in displays.

Kraft Paper

Klabin’s Kraftliner product line features unique papers made 100% from a mix of virgin pine and eucalyptus fibers. With different presentations, the line offer high print quality and structure, delivering excellent results in various applications.

Recycled Papers

Klabin’s recycled papers are manufactured from pre- and post-consumer scrap using modern machinery, which ensures excellent results throughout the chain.

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