R&D+I – Research and Development + Innovation

The initiatives of Research and Development + Innovation (R&D+I) allow Klabin to grow in an orderly way, focused on improving practices and processes that guarantee more competitive products and reduced production costs. The company has been strengthening its R&D+I, with planned investments of around R$ 70 million over a three-year horizon (2015 - 2018) – the highest ever by the company in this area – to be used in consolidating a single structure dedicated to the forestry and industrial areas.

R&D+I Activity Lines

Technology Center

Scheduled for inauguration in 2016, Klabin’s new Technology Center will have the mission of contributing to constantly increase the productivity and quality of the company’s products, developing new possibilities for multiple use of the forestry base and seeking solutions for increasingly more efficient consumption of raw materials in order to minimize the impacts on the environment. It will also enable the expansion of research horizons for new business opportunities.

The Technology Center will operate on five fronts:

  • Development of forest raw material for pulp;
  • Optimization of papers and new applications;
  • Biofuel/biochemicals (multiple uses for the forestry base);
  • Reduction of consumption - environment, emissions, reuse of products generated in the process, reduction in water, energy and steam consumption;
  • Nanotechnology – pulp fractions in micro or nano scale and application in new products.

For a more efficient operation, the R&D+I has partnership agreements with equipment and raw material suppliers, and is supported by research institutes and universities in Brazil and abroad.


The Research, Development + Innovation projects also meet the needs identified by the Customer Service and Sales areas.

Superar Program

The Research and Development + Innovation area uses the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) methodology, one of the pillars of the Superar Program, which seeks the development of new process and product solutions, finding alternatives to solve problems that may occur in production.

Development of solutions

Klabin’s R&D+I area focuses on the development of products that arouse or show market needs. Its purpose is to meet the needs of customers, who are also partners in the development of products, processes and materials.

With a research team composed of masters and doctors, it supplies support to solutions to customers’ problems in the different business units of the company.

References in research

Klabin’s Research, Development and Innovation work is developed in conjunction with universities, research centers and institutes and suppliers that are reference in the pulp and paper sector in Brazil and abroad.

In the industrial area, there is collaboration of suppliers and customers like Tetra Pak; projects with Innventia and Lund University, both in Sweden; VTT, in Finland; Toronto University, in Canada; and, in Brazil, with the Centro Tecnologico de Embalagem (Cetea), Esalq-USP and Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV).

In the forest area, it has the support of renowned consultants through consortiums like the one with the cooperative Central American and Mexico Coniferous Resources (Camcore) of North Caroline University (USA), to improve production productivity of long (pine) fibers, in addition to participating in projects with SIF (Sociedade de Investigaçoes Florestais - UFV) and IPEF (Instituto de Pesquisas e Estudos Florestais - Esalq-USP).

Competencies Center

The Competencies Center installed in Jundiai (SP), develops corrugated packagings that meet specific customers’ demands, taking into account shipping, warehouses and destination, sales appeal, legislation on packaging marking and perception of target public of its customers. This combination defines the kind of packaging, the paper to be used, machines involved in the production process and printing requirements.