Klabin is the only company in Brazil to simultaneously supply to the market three types of pulp – hardwood pulp (eucalyptus), softwood pulp (pine) and fluff – produced in a single industrial unit entirely designed for this purpose. The variety of fibers translates into a wide gamut of solutions and combinations that meet the characteristics of each type of paper: hygiene products require softness, strength and absorption capacity; paper for writing and printing requires strength and opacity; specialty papers, with specific properties, require customized composition.

Hardwood pulp

Produced from eucalyptus planted forests, Klabin’s hardwood pulp is used in different types of paper, such as tissue paper (mainly toilet paper, towels and napkins), printing and writing paper and specialty papers.

Softwood pulp

Proveniente de florestas plantadas de pínus, a celulose de fibra longa confere propriedades como resistência a papéis dos segmentos de tissue (papel higiênico, toalhas e guardanapos, especialmente), papéis de imprimir e escrever, embalagens e papéis especiais (diversos tipos de filtros e embalagens especiais). A combinação das celuloses de fibra longa e curta, solução disponível na nova unidade industrial, resulta em papéis de alta qualidade, que podem aliar diversas propriedades, como maciez, opacidade e resistência, em um único produto.

Fluff pulp

Converted from pine softwood pulp, fluff pulp, sold in reels, is ideal for use in top quality diapers and sanitary pads, with quick absorption capacity.
The result of Klabin’s pioneering initiative, this raw material, which was earlier imported into Brazil.

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