Klabin is leader in papermaking in Brazil. Major producer and exporter of cartonboard. Responsible for 80% of the Kraftliner exports. It was the first company in the sector in Latin America to be FSC® certified. Klabin’s papers are also certified by German Institute Isega, which guarantees their use in packaging that come into direct contact with foodstuff.


A three-layer composition guarantees excellent surface quality for offset, rotogravure and flexography printing processes. Proof of the company’s high technology. There are four different lines of cartonboard:

Has virgin fibers with natural kraft back, suitable for direct contact with foodstuff. Optimal for packages that need stiffness and excellent printing result, like boxes for foodstuff, hygiene and cleaning, electric and electronic appliances, toys and others.

Virgin-fiber with natural kraft back, it has a special treatment that prevents water absorption. It is recommended for packages exposed to cold and moist environment, like those for frozen and refrigerated foods.

Virgin fibers with natural kraft back is optimal for packages that must be highly resistant to tear, like multi-packs for yogurts, fermented milk and others.

Virgin fibers with natural kraft back is mainly applied in packages that must be highly resistant to tear even in moist places like those for cans and bottles of beer, soda and other beverages. Klabin is the only company in Brazil that sells this kind of packaging paper.

Kraft Paper

It is made of 100% virgin pine and eucalyptus fibers, a combination that lends them resistance, excellent printability and possibility of multiple applications. Excellent performance in a variety of manufacturing equipment, like corrugators and printers. Our products:

A wide range of basis weights, from 90gsm to 420gsm, that allows different applications. Particularly recommended for manufacturing and agricultural use.

Especially developed for making corrugated packagings to be kept under refrigeration. It resists moist environments, like inside refrigerated trucks.

Is composed of three layers: one bottom and one internal layers of unbleached virgin-fiber pulp and a top layer of bleached pulp. Its surface is uniform, ensuring good quality printing in several colors.

Is used as the base paper in manufacturing industrial abrasives.

Recycled Paper

Used to make corrugated board packaging and sold to other packaging companies. Around 15% of the raw material comes from the corrugated board packaging conversion units, while the remainder is acquired from wastepaper wholesalers. The mill in Goiana, Pernambuco boasts Brazil's largest recycled paper machine (Mp24), with production capacity of 240 tons/day. Products:

The fluting is made from 100% recycled fibers and, during the production process, it is given chemical additives to increase resistance to moisture. It is recommended for making the corrugated packaging fluting. It is not recommended to come into direct contact with foodstuff.

Produced with corrugated packaging side trims as well as side rolls and off-cuts from the company virgin-fiber paper mills. It is recommended for the inner surface of corrugated packaging to support the fluting.

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