Klabin is leader on the Brazilian market of corrugated packagings and industrial bags, with an innovative line of products, developed according to customers’ different needs.

Corrugated cardboard

Leader on the Brazilian market of corrugated packaging, Klabin develops all sorts of packaging according to customer’s specification in various segments: foods, beverages, cosmetics, electric and electronic appliances, hygiene and cleaning, groceries and flowers, electric materials, chemicals and byproducts, clothing and footwear, glasses and ceramics. Products:

To arrange products in the packaging and guarantee their integrity up to final destination.

A system made up of corrugated cardboard and an internal polyethylene compartment. It is resistant to impacts, handling, low temperatures and moisture.

Made of corrugated cardboard, non-toxic inks and paper free from contaminants, and are also biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

With a label produced in offset, which is glued to the box outer surface, with high quality printability. It protects, highlights and identifies products.

Recommended for all sorts of use. Its manufacturing process includes slitting and scoring. Printed with flexography, it permits excellent result with quality and economy.

It takes less space. Ideal for display packaging that organizes and exposes products at points of sales. An innovative concept that reduces product handling and labor time.

The most used kind of package. It has top and bottom flaps and resistance according to the product to be carried.

It can sustain two tons of stacking, provides convenient and safe solutions for storage, filling, emptying and fixation, with the necessary protection for the packaged product. In some cases, the packaging can be used more than once. It is 100% recyclable, resistant to impacts and handling and can be treated to stand low temperatures and high levels of moisture.

In different shapes and basis weight, they are mainly used in sheet plants for converting into packages, supplying various segments of the economy.

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Industrial Bags

Largest converter of industrial bags in Brazil and also leader in Argentina, Klabin supplies customers in a variety of market segments like: civil construction, foods, chemicals, agribusiness, animal feed and others.

Combining the strength, porosity and stretch, Klabin’s industrial bags meet the most strict specifications, and may be used with other kinds of materials such as high density polyethylene film and paper coated with aluminum or polyethylene. They allow excellent printing quality (up to eight colors using flexography).

Klabin’s industrial bags are biodegradable, recyclable and produced with raw material from forests especially grown for this purpose. Our products:

It can be produced with one or more plies, according to the needs of the product to be packaged. Easy to fill, the sack is recommended for customers who do not own a filling machine for valve sacks. It can also combine different kinds of barriers and the optional use of the easy-open system. It can be used as secondary packaging.

It is a highly resistant product and has excellent printing quality. It combines different kinds of barriers and comes with easy-open system. It packs up to 50 kilos. A specific stitching machine is required to close this type of sack.

It allows automatic filling. It can be given different barriers, like PEAD, aluminum and PEBD coating on the paper. It provides maximum protection and safety. Because all sheets are equally cut lengthwise at the top, it can be glued and sewn. The bottom is closed using the hot melt system.

It has stepped sheet cut and combines different kinds of barriers. The bottom is closed using the hot melt system. It requires special equipment for closing.

With over 100 options in terms of size, thickness and capacity, which can range from 5 to 50 kilograms. Their opening allows filling with both manual and high-speed automatic machines. They can be given different barriers, like PEAD and/or aluminum and PEBD coating on the paper to increase content protection. They allow easy and stable stacking, both manually and mechanically. The main distinguishing feature of this product is that it allows different options and combinations of valves. Flexography printing up to eight colors.

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